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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

University of Miami Athletics on probation

After  two years of thorough investigation by the NCAA, it has been decided to place the whole athletic department of the University of Miami on probation for the next three years. Nevin Shapiro, a former U of M booster, was accused of giving monetary gifts to athletes, most of them football players. Shapiro targeted these talented, but poor young adults, in order to build a connection with the players. In order to shower the athletes with money and gifts, Shapiro was scamming his financial clients in his day job. He was later arrested and convicted for a $930 million ponzi scheme. While in jail, Shapiro decided to come forth with his wrong-doings. He reported all of the gifts he gave to all of the players and coaches. In fact, he mentioned that University administrators were aware.

Through the investigation, the University of Miami has held themselves accountable. The University of Miami implemented self-impoOsed sanctions like banning themselves from a bowl game. As a result, NCAA has taken the cooperation and self-imposed penalties into account and has only put the program on probation and taken away three scholarships a year.

On the other side of the country, University of Southern California (USC), is crying foul. They claim that their penalties are harsh and everyone else's are soft. What do you guys think?