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Monday, October 21, 2013

A slim heavyweight division

After watching another dominant performance by Cain Velasquez in UFC 166, I begin to wonder if there's a worthy opponent. Before I go any further, Junior Dos Santos is a worthy opponent, but I'm sure we all want to see a new challenge for Velasquez after two consecutive wins over the Brazilian heavyweight. So who's next?

First of all, Dana White mentioned that Fabricio Werdum would be Velasquez' next opponent, but is he a "worthy opponent?" Werdum has beaten Nogueira, Roy Nelson, and Antonio Silva recently- the usual heavyweight suspects. Werdum has a strong ground game as 34% of his victories have come via submission. Velasquez also possesses a powerful ground game as he takes down his opponents on a 47% success rate. The Arizona-native also possesses a powerful right punch, which makes him the most complete fighter in his division.

How about Daniel Cormier? Another complete fighter, who wrestled in the Olympics and has learned MMA in Velasquez' camp. The only thing delaying his title shot is his tenure. Cormier has risen quick through the MMA ranks and joined UFC in early 2013. Since joining UFC, Cormier has beaten Frank Mir and Nelson. I guess Dana White would like to see him beat more opponents before giving him a title shot.