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Monday, October 21, 2013

Jim Leyland resigns

After being eliminated by the Boston Redsox in the 2013 American League Championship Series, Jim Leyland, Manager of the Detroit Tigers, has decided to resign. The 68 year-old manager has taken his team to the World Series on a couple of occasions, but nothing to show for it. Leyland, who is mostly known and admired for his straight, no non-sense interviews has been mostly successful where ever he has gone. In fact, last time the Pittsburgh Pirates were in the playoffs, Leyland was at the helm. Leyland then went on to win the World Series in Florida in 1997, before the team was dismantled.

So aside from his age, what could have pushed Jim Leyland what most likely will be retirement? It's not like the Tigers are in decline like the Pirates were back then. Miguel Cabrera is not slowing down. Tigers' front office is willing to spend. So did Dave Dombrowski ask him to do this? Or is "no non-sense" guy stepping aside because he thinks he's accountable for the Tigers coming up short in 2013?