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Thursday, October 24, 2013

NFL Franchise soon to come in London

The National Football League may not be done expanding. At one point, the NFL wanted to penetrate the European market with the NFL Europe. That may or may have not worked (depending on your perspective). The reason it may have worked is because when NFL teams go to London and play, the games are sold out. Over 80,000 fans pack Wembley Stadium like if it's a soccer match between Arsenal and Chelsea (two of London's well known soccer clubs). Similar language might have made it easy to attract this market. Also, some British may enjoy a tough and physical sport that is similar to rugby.
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The NFL started tapping in to the European market in 2007, when the New York Giants and the Miami Dolphins engaged in a match in Wembley. It has been a success ever since. This season, the NFL has scheduled two games, including the Jacksonville Jaguars vs San Francisco 49ers this upcoming Sunday. Next year, three regular season games will be played in London. Amongst the teams playing next year are the Dallas Cowboys, Oakland Raiders, and the Dolphins. As a result of the attention the NFL is getting in London, there is speculation of the league landing a franchise in London.

The Cowboys, America's team, will be showcased in London next year. Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner, will have a chance to market the Cowboy brand overseas. He was one of the owners pushing for his team to go.

I know there's a Canadian football league, but why not try Toronto? Vancouver? I can't imagine the issues that may arise with culture shock and travelling.