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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Megatron outduels Bryant

Before week 8, the best wide-receiver in football, Calvin Johnson, wasn't playing up to par. Going into today's showdown with counterpart, Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys, Johnson had 33 receptions and 492 yards receiving. As far as the yards receiving, that ranked Johnson 20th in the NFL. Not bad, but not where Johnson has us accustomed to being. Thanks to Bryant, he had a little motivation to produce the way he normally does.

As part of the preparation during the week in the NFL regular season, players provide bulletin board material purposely or by mistake. Either way, it seems to always happen. This week wasn't the exeption. Dez Bryant, who has been surrounded by controversy since his days in Oklahoma State University, stated earlier in the week that he is as good as Johnson. In today's social media-advanced world, word traveled quick.

Megatron, Johnson's nickname, wanted to wait until game day to do his talking. Did he ever! Matthew Stafford, Lions Quarterback, had a total of 488 yards; 329 of those yards were received by Megatron. Not only silencing Bryant, but putting him back on the pedestal of the top receiver in the sport.

Dez Bryant is a great receiver. There is no doubt about it. In fact, he is in the upper-echelon of his position. The only problem is that Dez Bryant is playing football at the same time as Megatron.