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Monday, October 21, 2013

Not so happy home-coming

All athletes, great and average ones, try to perform well when returning to face their former team. Peyton Manning is not the exception. After 14 years in the Indianapolis Colts organization, Manning was released after coming off a near career-ending neck surgery in early 2012. The Colts believed that Manning was over the hill as far as his career. In fact, this decision was made easier as the Colts held the first pick in the NFL draft in 2012. It was no secret that the Colts were going to pick Stanford's standout Quarterback, Andrew Luck, with the first pick.

After 18 months since being released by the organization that drafted him in 1998, Manning had the chance to go back to Indy and do what many athletes dream of- showing their former team they were wrong. Manning, who was always a fan favorite, was received well by the Colts's faithful. The 16-year veteran seemed overly aggressive at times, in fact, he threw one interception. Manning ended up throwing for more yards, but Luck was more effective and came out on top in the end.

Does this justify, prove, or seal the Colt's decision 18 months ago?