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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Not-so stellar Seahawks come away with a win

As the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox were playing in the World Series across the street in Busch Stadium, another nationally-televised game was taking place. The Seattle Seahawks visited the St. Louis Rams. The Seahawks, led by quarterback Russell Wilson, entered the game as one of the best teams in the NFL with a 6-1 record. Although this game did not feature star players playing at their best, both teams managed to make the game exciting.

Wilson, who is a modern-day versatile quarterback, has the ability to beat you with his arm and his feet, as well. The Rams were aware of the threat. The Rams contained Wilson on Monday Night Football. Although Wilson had one big play, in which he threw a deep pass to wide receiver Golden Tate for a touchdown, he was sacked seven times. The Seahawks running game, led by running back Marshawn Lynch, was also contained. They were held to only 44 yards on the ground. Usually this wouldn't be a recipe for winning a football game.

So how did the Rams not win the game at home? Well,the Rams had 200 yards rushing, which can win you a game most of the time, but they didn't have an effective passing game. Kellen Clemens, who is replacing the injured Sam Bradford at QB, completed less than half of his attempted passes. The Rams offense, which is a far cry from the days of Kurt Warner and bunch, ranks 31st in total offense. It can only get worse with a second string quarterback at the helm.

What's the take-away for Seattle? Are they pleased they were able to win a game, they didn't deserve? If I were Pete Carroll, I would focus on the positives and correct what went wrong. A win is a win, after all. All good teams have stolen games in the past.