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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Miami Heat picked to 3-peat

General Managers were surveyed around the NBA. GM's were polled about who will the NBA finals and the Most Valuable Player. About 76% of General Managers pick the Heat to win the NBA Championship. Lebron James, who has won 4 MVPs, was picked by 69% who say he will win the MVP this upcoming season. James demonstrated true MVP-caliber play in the Finals. He shot better all-around. Distributed the ball better in fast breaks, and defensively, he guarded Tony Parker at times. Kevin Durant was the consensus number two player and many pick him to challenge for MVP this year. He'll have a tough time challenging as Russell Westbrook will start the year on the bench injured. 

The Miami Heat haven't made many changes to the roster. They have let go 3-point specialist, Mike Miller. Also, they have added center Greg Oden, who hasn't played the last couple of seasons. The Heat are willing to give him a try since that position has been a weakness the last few years. Dwayne Wade will carry a chip on his shoulder this year. He was upset with Kevin Durant stating he's not a top 10 player. It seems that NBA GM's have confirmed in their polls. In fact, GMs stated that Durant, 6'11," would be a better shooting guard even though that's not his natural position. Wade is coming back fresh this year. He was not injured coming into training camp. He will use this as motivation for sure.

If you were polled, what would be your picks?