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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Brett Favre to the Rams?

After losing quarterback, Sam Bradford, The St. Louis Rams began their search for a quarterback. There were speculations that former University of Florida standout, Tim Tebow, would be contacted. It seems that Rams wanted a bigger name. They called 44-year older, and hall-of fame bound, Brett Favre. Favre, who resides nearby in Mississippi, declined the opportunity to play football again. Favre, who's popular for coming out of retirement on more than one occassion, seems to have turned off his fire and not want to play football again. After all, he recently became a grandfather and recognizes he is at a different stage in life.

Favre first retired after the 2007 season while playing for the Green Bay Packers. A young quarterback by the name of Aaron Rodgers was given the keys to the starting position after waiting on the bench for three years. While in training camp, rumors were swirling that Favre wanted to come out of retirement and play again. By then, the Packers organization had publicly committed to Rodgers. They decided to reinstate Favre and quickly release him. This opened the door to a frenzy in free agency for Brett Favre. He made up his mind quick as his private jet landed in New York a few days later. He was then introduced as the New York Jets starting quarterback.

The Jets got off to a great start, but in the second half of the season, the wheels came off. Favre was completing less passes and throwing more interceptions. The Jets missed the playoffs. Guess what happened next? Favre decided to retire after the 2008 season. While in training camp in 2009, Favre received a call from then Vikings Head Coach, Brad Childress. Childress offered him the starting position. Favre took it and the Vikings deep in the playoffs before being eliminated by the New Orleans Saints, who would go on to win the Super Bowl. A succesful season made it easier for Favre to come back in 2010, but this time he probably wished he would have retired. Favre was injured and often limping as his then 41-year old body wasn't enduring the rigors in the NFL.

Favre didn't come back for another season in 2011 and ever since. In fact, his name hasn't come up either until now. It's time for Favre to really enjoy retirement and forget about playing football. The last thing we want to see is some gray-haired quarterback coming on to the field on a wheelchair. That's not the way he deserves to be remembered.