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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Something's got to give

Ever since I started following football in my elementary years, I always heard the same thing from NFL analysts: "Defense wins championships." This year's Seattle Seahawks have nearly epitomized this statement. The Seahawks, who play in the noisiest stadium in the NFL, led the league in turnovers. In fact, their secondary, better known as "The Legion of Boom," led the league in passing yards allowed per game. Richard Sherman, whose known for his trash-talking ability, also backs up his mouth with his play. He led the league in Interceptions eight. Aside from putting up numbers, Sherman made some of the best receivers look awful throughout the year. In his last appearance, Sherman limited Michael Crabtree to 52 yards. This time around, Sherman and the rest of "The Legion of Boom," will have to face 3 Pro Bowl-caliber receivers and an up and coming Tight-end.

On the other hand, Peyton Manning, who gets better with age, is coming off his best season at the age of 37. Aside from great receivers, Manning has solid running backs at his disposal. Manning, who leads the best offense in football, has the best passing instincts in the game. He picks secondary apart and has made some of the great Defensive Backs look bad. 

Well, very seldom do we see the best defense versus the best offense in the Super Bowl. So does "defense win championships?" Or does a great offense beat a great defense?