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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Beckham to open new MLS franchise in Miami

Nearly seven years ago, David Beckham joined the MLS as a player. Leaving behind an illustrious career in Europe at the age of 32. Now, almost at the age of 40, Beckham wants to re-join the MLS as an owner. In fact, he has his eyes set on Miami. 

Beckham made the announcement official today while meeting with the mayor of Miami, Carlos Gimenez, and other city officials. The only roadblock will be financing for a new stadium. Not only will the city of Miami want a stadium in place, in order to approve the franchise, but the MLS, as well. 

If Beckham gets the green light for a franchise, this will not be Miami's first MLS franchise. In the late 90's, the Miami Fusion inaugurated only to be contracted a few years later. The Fusion played in Lockhart Stadium, which was used for Broward County high school football games. 

A decade later, the MLS is so much better financially and competitively. Each franchise has a stadium that was recently built, or that can hold at least 40,000 people in attendance. This is the standard that the MLS will hold David Beckham and his partners to.

Can MLS in Miami survive a second time around?