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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Who do you side with?

Richie Incognito, Miami Dolphins offensive lineman has been getting quite a lot of support lately. A lot of that support is coming from his own locker room. After being suspended on Sunday night for allegations that he bullied fellow offensive lineman, Johnathan Martin. Players like Brian Hartline and Tyson Clabo have made it clear that "Richie" is not a bad guy. Incognito, who has a reputation for being the NFL's dirtiest player, feels like his past is haunting him.

Martin, a former Stanford University standout, left the team suddenly on Monday afternoon. This behavior shocked his teammates and fans. Most teammates that have spoken on the matter are saying that Martin was like Incognito's little brother. In fact, the infamous voice mail that Martin brought forward recently, was a laughing matter back in April.

I don't know why, but when I first heard that Martin left the team due to hazing, the first guy that came to mind was Incognito. Maybe, I am like the rest of us who will judge people on the past. As more of this situation develops, it's only looking worse for both- especially, Martin. Incognito, will probably find another team, but get paid minimum salary; Martin will be known as a gentle giant (in other words-soft), who you can trust in the locker room. That will make it tough for him to get another gig in the NFL.

So who do you side with? Was Incognito just doing what all NFL players do in a locker room environment? Did he go overboard? Or is Martin too soft (mentally, physically, and emotionally) to play football?