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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Can the Chiefs go undefeated?

After a dismal season in 2012, in which the Kansas City Chiefs finished with a record of 2-14, some changes needed to be made. First, they started at the top. Scott Pioli, who was hired after the 2008 season as the General Manager, was let go. Pioli, who came over from the New England Patriots, was expected to bring a new winning tradition. Pioli was replaced by John Dorsey. Dorsey injected the team with enthusiasm from the beginning. He went on to hire Head Coach Andy Reid, who was successful in Philadelphia. So far this season, Reid has his new team at 7-0.

Also, after tying for the worst record, changes to the roster had to be made. Most importantly, the Chiefs brought in former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Alex Smith. Smith has never been flashy, but tends to get the job done. That's exactly how we can describe his season so far. Although he's only thrown nine touchdowns this season, he still maintains a good touchdown-to-interception ratio. Smith, a nine-year veteran, plays it safe and minimizes turnovers.

Another key player to the success of the Chiefs this year is Running Back, Jamaal Charles. He has regained his form that had made him one of the best running backs in the league a couple of seasons ago. Through seven games, he has rushed for 635 yards and averaging 4.2 yards per carry. Charles, a six-year veteran, also does well minimizing turnovers. So far this season, Charles has only lost 2 fumbles.

Smith and Charles may be the offensive leaders and helping the team win, but they're not the main reasons this team is undefeated. In fact, it's not one player that stands out; It's the Chiefs Defense. The Chiefs' stingy Pass Defense ranks 4th in the NFL. They have racked up 10 interceptions and 36 quarterback sacks. This defense is quicker and always looking for the turnover

So how about the remaining schedule? Well, the Chiefs will face the 3-5 Buffalo Bills tomorrow. The Chiefs will get a bye in week 10, but their schedule doesn't get easier. Usually, the worst team in the NFL gets the easiest schedule next season. The next month is nothing easy for the Chiefs. They will encounter Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos twice, and the San Diego Chargers all in a matter of three weeks. This will not only determine if the Chiefs go undefeated, but really give them that challenge to determine if they are a true undefeated team.